About Us

Anais_club-plateAnais club is a place of high aesthetic, with lounge mood and minimal style, destined for alternative events and receptions with the simplicity and the undeniable charm of modern. This is Anais club in a few words. In more words, Anais club is an impressive hall where modern materials create a “cool” but extremely warm and friendly atmosphere. Granite floor, leather chairs and an opening roof, depending on the weather’s mood, are the first decorative elements that will distract your attention.

Then, the glance starts wandering the awesome chandeliers and the impressive mirrors, that they create a glamorous impression. Outside of the hall, the divided – in three parts – pool shines because of the special effects on outdoor lighting system. Taste, except enjoyment, becomes spectacular, thanks to experienced chefs who create delicious artworks in the specially designed kitchen of Anais Club at the time of your event.

Chalkidos 1, 136 71 Varibobi // T.: 210 8169 503 // Μ.: 695 750 4919// E.: info@anais-club.gr