Unforgettable Wedding parties 

How do you imagine your wedding party, your baby’s christening, or the big party for your friends and co-workers? Anais Club  is the place you are looking for. We design and host social events that remain unforgettable!

Weddings and Baptisms

Anais Club stands out for its unique architecture and modern infrastructure. People who work with us have years of experience in organizing and serving events and take care of every detail, aiming for successful wedding receptions and christening parties.

The open plan event hall offers all the possibilities for table setup and floor plan, while the opening roof and the folding glass doors provide additional flexibility and more options.

In the outdoor space, there is a special designed chapel, where religious weddings and baptisms are conducted in consultation with the Metropolis of Ilion, Acharnes and Petroupoli.

Of course, Anais Club is a perfect place for civil weddings too and also for a big wedding party after a wedding ceremony in a small circle of guests. 

We provide a suite to every couple, who chooses Anais Club for their wedding or the baptism of their baby, in order to relax there, to get ready for their big entrance, or to use it for the baby’s care.

Anais Club is not only the perfect venue for your wedding. It includes a set of services that combine each couple’s desires with our people’s ideas and experience and lead to a awesome result.

Full catering services, welcome drinks, bar catering, decorations, candy bar, music, lighting, fireworks, are only a few examples of what we can do for you

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