Minimal and relaxing style

A venue dedicated to host exciting events and awesome receptions, with the beauty of minimal style and the undoubted charm of the modern line.

Harmony is the “key” in Anais Club

Modern materials, which create a “cool” but warm atmosphere, play a starring role in the impressive hall. Granite flooring, leather chairs and an open roof, depending on the weather, are the first items that a guest’s eyes capture. The chandeliers and stunning mirrors create an impression of elegance and luxury. The outdoor space, with the divided into 3 parts pool, has also minimal and at the same time impressive style, because of the lighting and open plan.

Thanks to our experienced chefs, eating in a reception at Anais Club is a delicious trip from one taste to another!

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Chalkidos 1, 136 71 Varibobi // T.: 210 8169 503 // Μ.: 695 750 4919// E.:

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